Spry: The Other Four Letter S-Word

Adam Bell


Adam Bell of dzign@datatv.com

Spry is Adobe's framework for AJAX which allows all sorts of Web 2.0 to your webpages (just like the Speaker Lineup Accordion on the right hand side of this page…That's AJAX). In this session, Adam will showcase how to easily add Spry objects to your pages and also will show a way to use the Tabbed Panels widget in a way Adobe has never told you about before.


Adam Bell is the original organizer of MiniMAX having first presented it on November 1, 2004 during the annual Macromedia MAX conference as an event for local New Orleanians who were unable to attend the MAX confab. Bell has been running datatv.com since 1996 and originally is from Philadelphia with a Broadcast Design background. His studio has won three Macromedia Site of the Day awards as recent as May 3rd, 2005 with his all-Flash redesign of Acme Oyster House's site and used Flash 8 based video as well as create video for mobile phones for Alkemi Entertainment, a major Movie and Videogame Marketing company in Hollywood, CA. Due to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Bell relocated to the Los Angeles area just 9 days after New Orleans went underwater.