AIR… an overview of the Adobe Integrated Runtime.

Yancy Wharton


Yancy Wharton of ZoobieSoftBuilding and deploying "Rich Internet Applications" to the desktop has never been easier. Adobe's AIR: Adobe Intergrated Runtime enables the traditional web developer to create "REAL" desktop applications that install and run on just about any modern Windows or Mac computer (Linux support is coming too). Yancy will show you how you can use your existing web development skills (Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX) to rapidly develop and deploy a desktop application that runs on the Apollo runtime.


Yancy is the President and Sr. Programmer of ZoobieSoft and has done work for Fortune 500 companies like Comcast and Perdue Farms. He is currently doing work for USMCCLL (US Marine Core Center for Lessons Learned) and the like. Yancy has been coding in ColdFusion for 8+ years, and using other languages like iHTML, ASP, .NET, VB, C++, and now AS3. He is also the manager of the Eastern Shore of Maryland Users Group as well as an Adobe Advisory Panel Member.