ColdFusion and LiveCycle: Best of Breed

Simon Horwith
Nylon Technology


Simon Horwith of Nylon Technology

ColdFusion has been a leading development platform for server-side web applications and Flash has been the leading technology for rich content on the web since their inceptions. In this session, Simon Horwith is going to show how ColdFusion and LiveCycle DataServices can be combined to create 21st century "best of breed" applications that deliver better user experiences.


Simon Horwith has been designing web-enabled enterprise applications for over a decade and is the CTO at Nylon Technology, a New York City based software development company. As a hands-on IT Executive and journalist, he observes, predicts, and offers commentary on trends in technology. As a developer, he enjoys facing the challenges associated with creating tomorrow's software today. Simon is an Adobe Certified Master Instructor, is a Member of the Adobe Community Expert Program, and served as Editor-in-Chief of ColdFusion Developer's Journal for several years. In addition to managing the New York Flex User Group and presenting at user groups and conferences around the world, Simon has also been a contributing author of several books and technical papers. You can read his blog at